Our Rangatahi Vision Board Session

Our Rangatahi Vision Board Session

I’m not a professional counsellor or coach. Just a Māmā trying her best to help shape the next generation 🥰

Through all your support for our pakihi, we hosted our FIRST Vision Board Session for our big girl & a few of her mates

Our rangatahi are growing up in such a different environment with so many distractions from social media, phones, culture changes, generational trauma, a lot…

To help get them through this chapter, I thought “focus” would be a helpful skill. Focus on what they want to achieve, give them a space to THINK BIG & put it on a cork board to visualise

And from a personal perspective, “you are who you surround yourself with”. I can’t control who our big girl surrounds herself with, but if we can subtly influence a positive culture within her friend group…I’m excited for this!

So to help with the session, we personalised notebooks with quotes for them to take home. They can use them to write out their goals, encourage that creativity & even influence a lifetime habit 🥰

No idea if it’ll work…but I figured if there’s an unlimited amount of cookies, they’ll be up for anything 🍪🍪🍪🍪😂

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