What does Whānau mean to me?

What does Whānau mean to me?

Big part of Kapu & Cookie is WHĀNAU

I believe there are different layers to whānau that I envision our pakihi to connect with…

Whānau starting with SELF
Taking a moment to sit with yourself daily, you can reflect and appreciate all the beautiful parts of YOU

Whānau with your PARTNER
Especially if you have tamariki together. Sitting over a cuppa & cookie to connect deeper, discuss goals and acknowledge each other

Whānau with your TAMARIKI
I haven’t met a kid who has refused a cookie yet 😂 so I’m guessing you add a kapu of miraka (milk) and some cookies and they’ll talk your ear off. It creates those memories and a stronger bond for when the juggle is hard and the days of parenting is long

Whānau with your FRIENDS
Those who lift you up and laugh at your mistakes 😂 You might not see each other often but the times you do, it’s like time hasn’t changed anything. Be it a couple of cocktails, a cuppa or cookies…no judgment here 👌

AND Whānau with your WHĀNAU
In Te Ao Māori, I’m learning the importance of lineage and whakapapa. Reuniting bloodlines to encourage our next generation to come back and restore our whenua. You can be the link between generations through creating moments over kai and even cookies 🍪🥰

It might be a bit deep 😂 But after spending the day tidying up our urupa with the whānau, I feel this so strongly in my WHY for our pakihi

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